Lituana Di Sabatino graduated in Art Design at the Academy of Arts in Bologna with a degree in Painting Education in 2007. Lituana trained as a mosaic artist at the workshop of maestro Roberto Marrucci who passed away in 2013. He had studied under at the workshop of Master Giovanni Fiaschi.

Marrucci was passionate about all aspects of his craft and was committed to transmitting to his pupil Lituana not only the secrets of the traditional techniques of the Florentine Mosaic, but also the locations of the ancient quarries, well known by the ‘Opificio delle Pietre Dure’ for the particular quality of marbles and semiprecious stones needed to create this unique art.

Currently, Lituana creates mosaic works of her own design, as well as reproductions of antique models. She continues to perfect the Florentine Mosaic techniques and, in turn, passes on the teachings she received to students.

Some Lituana Di Sabatino's works

Available for commissions


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