Pietra Paesina / Verde d'Arno / Lineato

Pietra Paesina

For quality, color, and their realism the best Paesine stones come only from the nearby hills of Florence, so much so that they are called “Stones of Florence”

“Orange stains… of oxide
green veins on the calcareous peace
that foam mints with its wrenches
or dawn with its rose,
thus are these stones:
nobody knows whether they emerged from the sea or to the sea return,
something caught them while they were alive,
they expired in immobility
and built a dead city.
A city without cries, without kitchens,
a solemn enclosure… of purity,
pure forms fallen
in a disorder without resurrection,
in a multitude that lost its gaze
in a grey monastery
condemned to the naked truth of its gods.”
Pablo Neruda

Verde D'Arno

Its name is taken from the fact that it originated along the Arno River. It is exclusuvely in the Tuscan territory, if not strictly in the Florentine area.


“… whose wavy parallel bands simulated the concentric circles of the tre wood…”


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