Pietra Paesina / Verde d'Arno / Lineato

Pietra Paesina

For quality, colour and realism, the best Pietra Paesina comes only from the hills around the city of Florence, so much so that it is sometimes referred to around the world as ‘Pietra di Firenze’.

“Orange stains………of oxide
green veins above the limestone peace
that the foam beats with its keys
or the dawn with its rose,
so are these stones:
no one knows if they came out of the sea or to the sea they return,
something surprised them while they lived,
in stillness they died
and built a dead city.
A city without cries, without kitchens,
a solemn enclosure……..of purity,
pure forms fallen
into a disorder without resurrection,
in a multitude that lost its gaze
in a grey monastery
condemned to the naked truth of its gods.”
Pablo Neruda

Verde D'Arno

Its name derives from the fact that its origin is closely linked to the Arno river. It is a stone found exclusively in the Tuscan, not to say Florentine, territory.


“.. whose undulating parallel bands suggest the vision of a moving aquatic surface… “

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